Whipped Covent Garden will be open from 29th April 2023

Cheesecake is coming home...New Covent Garden store will be open from the 29th April 2023

Nothing short of blood, sweat, tears, cursing and lots of pints! Tomorrow we will finally be opening the doors to our new baby in Covent Garden.

It's been 2 years since we shut our doors in Covent Garden and since then, we have been working on opening a new site and we could not be more proud of the result!

For now, we will reminisce on how far we’ve come, how amazing our team is despite challenges and prepare for a crazy weekend! Before we open the doors we want to say one last big thank you to everyone who’s messaged, commented, shared the posts and knocked on the door to say hello! You have made the 100+ hour weeks better! Covent Garden, we are finally home 🫶🥹

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